What to Do If Your Heat Goes Out

Dicembre 9, 2019
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Let’s face it. We have a lot of really nice warm (and some unpleasantly so) weather in Florida and we’re all a tad bit spoiled. We get cold easily, don’t we? And no matter what our friends up north might think we do use our heat down here. So what do you do when that cold northern air dips down into the Tampa Bay area and your heat goes out? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

Call a Heating Repair Technician

The very first thing you want to do after you’ve checked all the normal things — like your thermostat doesn’t need batteries and no one set it to AC by mistake — once you know there’s an issue, call a Tampa heating repair specialist.

Just as sure as you know your smoke detector battery will run out in the middle of the night, calls to heating companies increase on the coldest days. Get your call in the moment you know there’s a problem. Don’t waste any time in trying to “get through the night.”

An Important Thing to Remember

It’s important to understand carbon monoxide and the dangers of it. I know it seems silly but we feel obligated to remind people, no matter how cold you are, don’t bring your grill or camping stove inside to warm you. That type of equipment requires ventilation. Check out these other heating safety concerns.

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